Care for our Neighbours

Neighbours Support Centre will offer a variety of programs and courses supporting the vulnerable, marginalized and multicultural population in a safe and trusted environment.

Who will we support?


Opportunities to learn, socialize and build community.

Addictions Support

Support groups for overcoming addictions and habits.

Mental Health Support

Programs and support groups focused on financial stress, emotional health, and mental wellbeing.

Women & Children

Helping with hardships due to abuse and financial constraints. Offering job search, tutoring, and after-school programs and day camps.

This is how we will do it…

Neighbors Support Centre will provide a welcoming, safe and accessible facility to offer practical guidance by way of support groups and social programs. 

How you can support your Neighbours:

Your generous gift makes it possible to expand our services by reaching our vulnerable neighbours and empowering them to thrive and lead a life of hope and purpose.


“Every time you give to a worthy cause, it is an action of love, a gift from your heart, a beautiful thing.”

— Inspired by Mother Teresa

Start helping now

You can give by cheque, sending an e-transfer to [email protected], or by clicking the “Make A Donation” button.

All gifts are 100% Tax Deductible. Five year projected budget available on request. Charitable Registration Number: 118912427RR0001. Charity founded in 1975.

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